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Now OF COURSE the show hasn’t even aired yet and I’m just basing this on pre-show videos of the girls on youtube and shit, as well as interactions I’ve had with them on twitter, but I must say that IMHO these three have the potential to kick asses this upcoming season!! Goddess Queen Magnolia is creative and has got herself some humor and inspiring wit (srsly, go watch her youtube videos…), Laganja knows how to bring it and has the dancing & abilitiy to fucking KILL IT in the lip-synch, and Milk has that fresh and new and different energy/creativity that is needed/much appreciated. I just hope that I’m not setting myself up for disappointment due to the editing they are going to be given on the show— ‘cause really, they all seem like sweet guys- and I really hope that they stay and make it far in the competition!

Oh, how I would love for these Queens to be the Final 3!!

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Me :3 

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Hermoso como siempre *.*

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5 meses increíbles al lado tuyo,llenos de amor, pasión,romanticismo (?) JAJAJA goma,gracias por cambiarme la vida TOTALMENTE,amo esta vida al lado tuyo. Te amo muchisisisimo bombón! SyF

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Jinkx Rules BITCHES !

I loved ♥ jajajajajajaa *-* 

Lohan <3 

*-* ♥ 

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